Shikha Says:

     Hello Divas! Ok I got this haul last year but just didn’t get around reviewing it. I will put up the current prices for each item as I don’t have the old bill to tell you about it. If you have read my previous review you would know that I’m in absolute love with this site. By great difficulty I have come out of my addiction of buying from them I kid you not. What I like the best about it is that you can buy pieces from MAC’s previous collections. And unlike other sites you will get the genuine article here. 

Z – Palette Large Leopard: 


     I was eyeing this pallette for the longest time and finally got it. It cost me around 20$ then and now the site does not have this one at present. But they other ones which will cost you from about 14$ to 28$. MAC products do not stick very well to it but other brands like Inglot, Coastal Scents, etc stick well. MAC remains semi loose. Does not really fall out or anything but still. I had to peel the sticker off the base of the pan to get it to stick (talking about MAC). 

     The top is a clear plastic sheet which is kinda delicate so you have to be careful to not put too much pressure on it else it will crack. I cant really tell what the base is made of as it is covered in a plastic like sheet with the leopard print on it. You can store upto 28 eyeshadow pans in it. All in all a good buy. I just love mine!.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original and Sin:

     Another iconic product. At the time I made my purchase this was available as a set. I don’t remember the actually price. All I can tell you is that I had spoken to an Indian stockist for this and price that the person quoted to me for one of this I paid less than that for them both. And these are their full size versions. Original looks colored but actually goes on colorless on your lids. Sin has a light shimmer to it which looks very nice. Presently the site is charging 16.99$ for Sin, 6.99$ for Sin Mini and 26.99$ for Original. I think I paid around 20-30$ for the two of them. Don’t remember exactly.

Japonesque Lash Placement Tool:

     I really like the concept behind this. You get a clip to hold the lash and a small stand on which you place the lash. Lol! Spoke in incorrect order :). Ok here is how it goes, you take the lash and place it on the stand. The lash sticks out in a curved form. Then you take the clip that has a curved mouth and pick up the lash with it. The lash fits the clip perfectly. Now you put the glue either on the lash or your lid however works for you and place the lash. You can cover the entire lid with the lash in one go. Ok this is not as easy as it sounds. You sort of need to get in practice with it. I always struggle putting on lashes but if you don’t have that issue you can make this work easily for you. Presently the site has a different version of this for the price of 8.50$.

Loreal HIP Cream Shadow Paint in Steely:

     For the life of me I don’t understand why Loreal has not launched their HIP line in India?!? I’m mean come on now. It is quite popular abroad and a lot of products from this line make it to best product lists. Humph! Any hoo. I knew I had to get this when I saw it. The price was the cherry on top. At the time I was lacking in a black eyeshadow so I decided to get this one. This is an intense color pigment. It comes in a paint like tube as you can see with a decent brush and a case. The case has this area in it where you can take out the required amount of product to use. 
     The color is a blackish grey with a sliver sheen to it hence giving it the steely effect. It does set quickly and for that reason I don’t recommend using the well area in the case to dispense the product. It would be better to put it directly on the brush to prevent wastage. Dispensing can be a slight issue due to the paint tube like packing. Once it sets it does not budge/smudge.  Definitely worth a look. Price is 3.99$

Clinique Shimmering Stripes Blush Mini Refill in Peony and Fresh Bloom All Over Color Refill:

     I got these two refills which were quite cheap. They gave me a chance to try out a brand without putting in much thought to the price factor. The Bloom All Over has been a popular product.


     This shimmering blush strip is quite light in color. Apart from the darkest shade I think the other two can best be used as a highlighter. The lightest shade is a cream color with a gold sheen to it. The middle one is a very light peach shade. And the darkest is a light pinkish brown shade. The texture is unbelievably smooth. You need to go in a couple of times to get a decent amount of color. But all 3 shades looked good (I’m a NC 37 in MAC). Price is 2.50$.
The left most swatch is all 3 colors combined.
     The Fresh Bloom All Over is another interesting product. This has a better pigmentation than the one mentioned above. All shades showed up easily on my skin tone. The lightest is best used as a highlighter. It is pinkish white with a sliver sheen to it. The middle color is baby pink color with a pink sheen to it. The darkest is a rust shade with a sheen to it. All shades are really pretty. You can use them individually or can combine them as shown in the pic above. Again, this product too has a really smooth texture. Honestly I was quite impressed with this one. This particular one is not available on the site at present. I had bought it for around 3-5$ which is actually an awesome price for the kind of quality of the product (heck what am I saying. It is Clinique after all).

     So ladies have I caught your attention? Will you be willing to buy from this site. I’m a complete fan. The amount of brands that they carry is staggering. Presently they have divided the site into 2 names – one being the name I have mentioned in the post which carries the main stream brands and the other is called Suite7Beauty which carries brands like Sugarpill, Lime Crime, Violent Lips, etc. Do make it a point to head on down there to check it out. Later!