Hey there! Today I bring to you a beauty box all the way from Israel. This little thing has been lying in my stash and drafts folder since forever! Finally managing to sort some of the back load 🙂 I got to know about this subscription from Renu. They do not follow the regular pattern of beauty boxes ie they don’t offer a monthly sub option nor can you fill in a questionnaire to customize it as per your skin, hair, etc. They have some pre-made boxes/bags and they show 11-12 different items on the site from which they send you 6. You can ask them to include/exclude a particular from your bag though and even swap it with something from another one. I think I paid around Rs. 1400/- for it including shipping. Let’s take a quick look at the stuff I got 🙂

Elin Blanco Treatment Mask


     This is an Israel based company and the product is a conditioner so to speak. It has a smell very similar to Ponds talc, the lavender fragrance one. The consistency is quite thick and though I have not tried it yet but looking at the quantity I feel that it might last me for 4-5 uses. Decent enough to figure if the conditioner is working for me or not. Given the travel friendly size of it I took it along with me on my recent travels and it has given many more uses than anticipated. Though it is thick but it spreads easily and you end up using just a little bit of it to coat your hair completely. More details about it will be mentioned in the detailed review 🙂

Simply Be Well Rosemary Mint Moisturizing Body Bar

     This is an organic soap bar from a US company. They say that it is made off 85% organic ingredients. I love the smell of it…so fresh and invigorating. The mix of ingredients mentioned in the back is so interesting – Goji Berry, White Tea, Blueberry and Soy 🙂 I haven’t tried this out yet but will put up a review for it…eventually. Reviewing soaps stumps me and I don’t know what to say about it. Seems so taxing to keep my mind active while taking a bath when I just want to relax in the monotony of it….is it lathering? is it cleaning? is it moisturizing? Lol! That is why I don’t end up reviewing bath products. But maybe I will toss the cover in the empties bag I’m making and give you a brief for it or something…

San Francisco Soap Company Rose Hand Cream

     Another product from the US and this is 42.5 gms sample tube. It has a lovely rose smell which lingers on the skin for awhile. It gets absorbed into the skin completely and for me it was a little light. No matter how much I pile it on it seeps into my skin and does not give me the film like feel or adequate amount of moisturization. I need a heavier cream to make my skin feel comfortable especially during the winters. But if you want something lighter then I would ask you to check this out for the smell alone.

Senscience Smooth Shampoo

     This is a 50 ml sample and is meant for frizzy hair. I haven’t tried it out yet but will give it a go soon as my hair looks quite frizzy at times even if it doesn’t feel so dry to touch. Well I’m hopping that it works for me. Has anyone heard of this brand before? If you have then how did it work for you? I didn’t find any reviews for it as such and am completely clueless about it. Strange though how it lacks reviews even though it is supposed to be a US product…

Ofra Medical Marker Eyeliner in White

     This is the only makeup product in this bag and I believe it is full sized. I didn’t know that Ofra had a makeup line too. I got introduced to this brand thanks to an Indian beauty subscription service. This is a soft white shade which I liked on first trial as it nice finish which can be worn in the day time. But that is just the first impression verdict of it…I’m yet to use it properly and for an extensive period.

Source: Glam Guru

     There was a 6th product in the bag which I broke unfortunately. It was a perfume oil from a brand called Jasmin and in the fragrance Queen Esther. They had sent a full sized product. My breaking it was the most heartbreaking and ironic thing ever! As you saw in the 1st pic the products came in a plastic travel bag of sorts. Now this bag was in a cardboard box which was easily double its size and the pouch was covered in some tissue paper. There was no other packing or padding at all and the bag was rolling around merrily in the box. Not only that the box appeared to be flattened and I was sure that I would find the products inside damaged. The poor thing survived the long arduous journey only to get smashed to smithereens by my hand….sigh 🙁

     So that was the bag…a very nice mix of products which gives you something of everything that one could want from a beauty bag. What it lacks is a detailed product card giving more information about each product as well as its price. And I also would have liked to try out local fare ie products from brands found in that region of the world rather than stuff from America. Overall I like it…but am I impressed by it? At one point I would have said yes especially given the diversity of the product mix. But recent findings (read beauty box) have increased my appetite and expectations of a box and I would rather spend my money on that one. But for the fanatics, this is worth a look definitely! To order, please get in touch with their customer care. Hope you all liked the the unboxing….catch you soon!