It has been a while since the last one of these. This time around we will meet with Awungshi Philamazan of Dr. Poison Ivy’s Beauty Blog. This beautiful lady will floor you with her creativity and the beautiful looks she creates. She looks like a doll and those gorgeous almost fantasy like OOTD’s she does will have you coming back for more. I got hooked to K-Pop coz of her as she had done a tut on replicating the makeup done in one of the music videos. And what she did with the Maybelline Hyper glossy liner!!!! That is something that you should really see. One of my personal favs 🙂 Read on to know more about this talented diva…

The post that got her the most likes/comments 
1. State your name for the record: Awungshi Philamazan
2. Present city: Delhi
3. City of dreams: Venice
4. What do your blogsphere friends call you (nickname)? 
     Zan or Phil
5. When did you realize that you had a fetish and were a closet MUA? 
     I have always been the girly kind right from the start. Though I did go through the “tomboy” phase but it eventually passed I’ve been playing with my mom’s make up since high school.
6. Which has been your most embarrassing makeup related incident to date? 
     Cried once (don’t ask me why :p). Little did I know I ended up looking like a sad PANDA because of the running mascara. Since that day I’ve tried to stay away from non-waterproof mascaras.
7. Which has been your most memorable makeup related incident?
     The beginning of this year when I did make up for my childhood friend’s wedding – Both for the bride and the bridesmaids (I was one of the bridesmaid too). I felt honored and humbled at the same time.
Her most favorite look that she has created so far 



8. What have been your fav products/brands so far? 
        a. MISSHA, BRTC, Skin79 BB creams. 
        b. BOBBI BROWN creamy matte lippies.
        c. Revlon lip butters. 
        d. Sleek – for their eyeshadow palettes.
9. Which products/brands are on your lust list? 
     Urban decay palettes More BOBBI BROWN lippies, MUFE, NARS Blushes (the list is endless but I’ve decided to focus more on skin care products now) 
10. Have you found your HG (Holy Grail) product yet? If yes, then which one is it? 
        a. FACE WASH – Just herbs Silk splash 
        b. CLEANSING WATER – Etude house pore freshener 
        c. TONER – Etude house AC clinic toner 
        d. SERUMS – OST Vit c serum and SKinmiso T-zone serum 
        e. MOISTURISER – Rokujiss Aqua Celtic cream 
        f. PRIMER – Cinema Secrets foundation primer 
        g. BB creams- MISSHA/Skin 79 
        h. LIPS- Revlon Lip butter (i have dry i prefer that to wearing lipsticks) 
        i. GEL LINER- I swear by Loreal. Phew !!
Favorite outfit post
11. What is your signature style? 
      Minimalism with a feminine touch.
12. Which celeb makeup style do you admire? 
      *mind goes blank*
13. Which makeup blogger looks do you like the best ? 
       Michelle Phan
14. Which upcoming makeup trend do you have your eye on?
15. Which upcoming makeup launch are you lusting for? 
       I hope Urban Decay comes to India (I mean…don’t we all hope for that ?)
16. 3 things about you that no one knows? 
          1. I eat non-stop 
          2. I’ve never had short hair 
          3. I’m an introvert.
Favorite hairstyle post


17. Awungshi, Professional MUA – dream or possibility? 
     Being a beauty fashion blogger is just an outlet for my creativity. And have no plan to pursue it professionally. I guess if it does become my job I won’t enjoy it as much as I do now 
18. Parting shot – 
     It is practically impossible to thank all my readers individually so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. When I started blogging 2 years ago, I never knew I would come this far. I’ve met many amazing people and made some great friends. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’m improving with each passing day and I’ll continue to try my best. Until then, please keep showing your love to my blog. Hugs.
P.S.- I would like to thank Shikha for giving me this opportunity . 
     Aww thanks Awungshi! The pleasure has been all mine and I got to know you a little better today 🙂 Love the fact that your friend had the confidence in your skills that she let you do her makeup on her very special day. I had seen the pics you had posted and they all looked so beautiful. Kudos to you. May you and your blog grow leaps and bounds and one day Michelle Phan says ” Oh I love what Awungshi does! She is so talented.” :). Wishing you the very best!