If you are a glitter nail paint lover like me you will know that removing it is the biggest pain and very time consuming.  Not to mention the major mess that glitter causes by sticking everywhere once its is loose from the nail.There was a point in time where I actually ended up avoiding them so that I don’t have to go through the hassle in the end. But I love them too much and cant stay away. So my friends suggested the foil remover method for it. And since then I have not looked back and completely indulge in my obsession. Today I will show you a tut for this method. You can use it to remove nail appliques are well like the ones from Sally Hansen or Revlon which are made from real nail paints. 

Foil method to remove glitter nail polish
Tools that you will require

     You need some basic items for this – some cotton, nail polish remover and kitchen foil. I like to use the remover from Lakme as I find it to be quite effective in removing the tougher paints like glitter ones or even the ones that tend to stain. Kitchen foil is used for its convenience as a) it is available in ever home and b) you can easily bend, shape and cover your nail with it sans a sellotape. You can try it with plastic and cling film but I guess they will be a little trickier to work with. 

Foil method to remove glitter nail polish
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     Take a little amount of the cotton, just enough to cover your nail bed and put a drop or so of the remover on it. Squeeze this a bit and it will help the remover to spread over the cotton properly. Now cover the nail with it and wrap it up in a foil piece, nice and tight. Do all the nails in the same manner. You need to leave this on for sometime. Usually over a minute atleast and you should be done around 2-3 minutes. You might feel a little strange sensation on the nail and it is nothing to worry about. The remover usually soaks up all the heat so the nail is left with a cool feeling. As you can see the polish comes right off.

     A simple manner to deal with a complex and aggravating situation. I hope that you found the tut to be of some use to you. Now you too can enjoy the bling of some glitter on your nails. And I will see you soon with another tutorial….till then – Take care!