Shikha Says:

     I got this product as a gift from someone I know recently and this is my first Dior product. It is a makeup remover which is meant for sensitive skin but not for waterproof makeup (according to the SA – I don’t have any waterproof makeup on me right now so I was not able to validate that). Price is Rs. 2640/- for 200ml of product. What I like best about this product is that it is not oily and it gets absorbed fast into your skin. I have another makeup remover by Clarins and it has two different liquids in it which need to be shaken up before use and is quite oily which I have to then wipe off using a tissue. This one does not have those issues. The smell is ok bit on the strong side (well I felt it was a little alcoholy-ish smelling) with a floral tone to it. What I like to do is get rid of most of my makeup using a baby wipe and then I put this on some cotton and clean out the remaining makeup especially around my eyes (all the liner and mascara is sometime hard to take off so this step kinda does it for me). This process leaves my skin feeling fresh without the slightest trace of makeup. 

     I just love the bag that it came in! Look at that pretty gold bow šŸ˜€ (Fa-bu-lous). They threw in some free samples too as you can see in the following pictures. Personally the sample sizes were too small too determine the effect of the products as they did not even last me a week of application (sigh). I had tried the Dior Snow White Reveal Essence sample earlier and in a week of use I did not see any effect per say (it costs about 7k which is a lot for a lotion). The others were too small and finished in 3-4 days. I don’t think that the effect is judge-able in that small a time. The Pro-Youth Protective Fluid had a thicker consistency and I had too use a lot of it when I was feeling a little dry on my face but since I have combination skin I ended up with 1-2 pimples on my nose :p. Well it didn’t work for me but I’m sure someone with dry skin would like it.

A very spicy fragrance. A little bit much for me. I like the original better.

List of Ingredients:

Company Claims:

     “At the heart of the Dior cleansers’ performance are 3 voluptuous and tender flowers with unsurpassed benefits in the first step of the skincare ritual. Dior has selected Pure Lily to meet the requirements of all skin types. The Instant Cleansing Water eliminates all types of makeup in a single step. Gently unveiled, the skin is perfectly clean, supple and smooth.”

– Non Oily
– Easily absorbed
– Cleans out even the darkest of shadows completely without living any trace behind. (This is something that neither the baby wipe nor the Clarins makeup remover did for me. I had some traces of makeup coming out till the next day especially mascara).
– Might be a little pricey for some (Clarins costed me around Rs. 1200/- for 125 ml and Johnson baby wipes are Rs. 175/- for 80 wipes).
– The smell maybe off putting for some.
– If it goes in the eyes like a drop or two then it kinda stings a little (maybe its just me). I was pumping it out and got quite a bit of it on the cotton and then when I wiped my eyes with it I faced this problem. But if you put few drops on cotton and wipe your eyes with that then its all good (don’t mean to freak you out but just a word of caution).

Would you buy it again? – For variety sake I would like to test out something else. I like this a lot but not like OMG a must buy or anything for me for now atleast. 

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes I would.