Cafe Pranah Kolkata
Cafe Pranah, Kolkata


Cafe Pranah – A Rendezvous

     If you live in Kolkata you know how hard it is to come by low calorie food. I’m not saying there isn’t any but the options are highly limited where either you spend mega bucks in 5 stars and munch on salad or soup or turn to pocket friendly option like Subway. There is nothing else…I would so miss the lovely salad bar of Nirula’s when I shifted here from Delhi. Other cities have so many options available to them and even some great delivery services where they give you meals as per the diet you are following. Being a working gal I don’t have the time to cook and even when I do I have no enthusiasm or will to cook. I would rather spend my time in some other manner.



     When Poorna first told me about Cafe Pranah and that Rahul Arora was the man behind it I was literally jumping for joy. I knew him as Poorna’s friend and then later was introduced to his amazing joint called Bon Appetite. Me and my parents are big fans of the place and turn to it quite often when we get the snack munchies in the evening. You get great quality scrumptious food at an even better price. Ordering out can dig a big hole in your pocket but you can munch to your hearts content here worry free. My first question to Poorna was “Just tell me when is he starting home deliver” šŸ˜€ Coz I knew great food was a given!

Cafe Pranah
Indoor Outdoor setup

     Located on Ballygunge Phari area, it looks like an oasis among all the concrete. They have put up an artificial turf in the front and added some garden chairs. Buddhist monastery style flags and decor complete the feel of it. Imagine sipping a hot cuppa in the cool winter evenings while you chill with your friends. I just wanted to kick my shoes off and sink my toes in the turf šŸ™‚ When you walk into the closed area the first thing that will catch your eye would be this bookcase framed by window shutters. There is a whole collection of em featuring Rahuls’ favorites tossed in with some knick knacks and a Buddha statuette taking the center stage. I really liked how cozy it felt with its wood floors and even the ceiling had been designed with care.

Cafe Pranah
Clockwise from top – Papadi Chaat, Rosemary Ice Tea, Mixed Chaat and Papadi Chaat

     I was lucky enough to get invited on 2 separate tasting sessions. In the first one, I got to try out some papadi chaat where the papadi was baked and was made of oats and wheat flour. Have you tried baked papadi’s? The packet ones taste like chalk but this was kicka$$. If he didn’t mention it specifically that it was baked I would have never guessed. The next item was a mixed chaat of sorts. Im no food blogger and have no claims to be one so instead of trying to be poetical about the smell and taste and texture I’m going to be all real with you cave woman like and say – chaat…good…yum yum! Paapadi chaat…super good…double yum yum šŸ˜€ šŸ˜›

Cafe Pranah
Clockwise from top – Wrap, Dressings, Aloo chaat and Veg Salad


     But baby the second tasting was were it was AT!!! From reeling with choices that the 10 super yum dressings offer (which you can taste at the counter btw before deciding what you want) to licking the glass clean when it came to the smoothies. You have not lived unless you try the Apple Pie Smoothie in an ice cream base yo! And if you are super hungry then opt for the Multi grain burgers with your choice of fillings, toppings and dressings. A large part of the menu is DIY and you can make numerous permutations and combinations to suit your mood and taste buds of the day.

Cafe Pranah
Clockwise from top – Burger, Kashmiri Kawah Ice Tea, Mix Fruit Chaat and Aloo Tikki

     We got to try out the entire menu and if I keep talking about each and every item in its glory then I might need a couple of blog posts for it. Let me just list out my favorites in conclusion – Kashmiri Kawah Ice Tea, Apple Pie Smoothie, Fruit of the Forest Smoothie, Veg Burger, Papadi Chaat and Amritsari Tikki. These were my personal favorites and something I find myself ordering regularly for now. So if you are in Kolkata then do go and check them out! Also there some great news folks…My friend Poorna of Presented by P is holding a giveaway in which she is giving out 5 lucky winners vouchers for Cafe Pranah. So you can check that out HERE. Hoped you like my post and vid šŸ™‚ Waiting to hear from you…See ya!