Best of 2013 - Skin & Hair Products
     Well 2013 is coming to an end. What a year it has been! From the sad and low note that 2012 ended for me with a whole bunch of tensions, sadness and problems, 2013 was a steady climb up bringing so much love and positive energy. Im feeling very sad that it is ending but so glad that it happened. From meeting great people to some high points with respect to life and of course the blog. So as a tribute there will be some “Best of 2013” posts today rounding up the year. Here is to a fab year gone by and here is to the hope and expectations that the new one will bring. Starting it off with some really good products I found this year. I will even mention some that I have not reviewed yet but have been using frequently and liking a lot 🙂 Lets kick things off with some skincare (ie face care 😀 )…

Best of Face Care

Best of 2013 Skin Products
1. Dermalogica Clean Start Hit the Spot My first product from this brand. A really good and effective treatment for dealing with pimples. If by chance you are allergic to Tea Tree oil then this is the one I would suggest for you to deal with those nasties!
2. Janssen Brightening Face Cleanser Demanding Skin – An excellent product to get rid of pigmentation and age spots. My mom was having some discoloration due to age and health concerns and this helped her tremendously! There was a lot of difference in a short time. This is not a fairness product but a brightening one that evens out the complexion.
3. Solyvia Essential Oil Roll On in Skintune – I found this in a beauty exhibition that I attended. This is an international product. Made from a combinations of oils this aroma roll on does wonders for the skin. Not only does it provide moisture but also helps to heal and repair. On top of that it gets rid of breakout and clears the skin. Truly wonderful!
4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask Best-Product-Ever! This is just so so good! Super effective in treating pimples and detoxifying your skin from all the hidden layers of gunk. It converted my dad and that in itself had me blown away :p But really you MUST try this. 
5. Jane Clare Blueberry Revital Firming Mask This took my skin out of a bad place. It was in a very dry state that was not reviving in spite of testing various dry skin products on it. But this helped a lot and made my skin look and feel good. Even though it is expensive but it is worth the tag. Love it! One of THE best sheet masks I have tried till now. 

Best of Hair

Best of 2013 Hair Products
1. Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream This is a lovely after wash serum/styling cream. It has an AMAZING smell and makes your hair super soft and shiny. Very effective and oh so lovely 🙂
2. The Nature’s Co. Rosemary-Hibiscus Hair Pack Oh-My-Freakin-God! I want to go down on my knees and Thank God and the lovely TNC people for making this. Freakishly effective against hair fall and you will see a lot of difference in it with just one use. If not that then I guarantee by the 2nd one you will be blown away! This is another MUST get. If you love your hair run to the store this instant and get it!

Best of Body Care

Best of 2013 Body Products
1. The Nature’s Co. Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub I really like this one. It helped me with my dry feet problem tremendously. It provides the 2-in-1 benefit of being a scrub and a moisturizer. The product gets absorbed into your skin and you need to dust the granules off. You are left with feet that glow and feel soft. I used it frequently in the begining due to the condition of my skin and then was able to switch to as-I-need-it use. 
2. Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer for Normal/Dry Skin If you are sick of getting your body waxed or shaving it frequently then do yourself a favor and get this. It slows the growth rate and if you use it frequently after getting waxed then the hair that comes out is finer and thinner. A really good product for lazy people 🙂 
3. Faces Fruit Frappe Dry Body Oil Watermelon with Acai – I really like how versatile this is. When used a little and spread over a larger area you can use it in summers even in humid conditions. When you use a lot and cover a medium to large area then you can use it in winters and get really good moisturized skin. Your skin will just drink it up and it smells nice and fresh. 
     That rounds up some of the really good I was able to find this year. Some of them are my HG’s (holy grail) for the present like the Tea Tree mask and the Rosemary hair pack. So glad I found them and big thanks to Poorna for recommending the face pack. As I mentioned there are a few that Im using presently and really liking but I have decided to not reveal those to yet 😛 So you just have to wait for the reviews to see em. So what are your skin and hair favs for the year?

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