Shikha Says:

     Like I said before, Mumbai trip was a great getaway for me which saw a lot bunch of things happening especially for the blog. While I was chilling with my friends and en route to my friend’s home on one of the outings I saw this huge billboard for this exhibition. I was so excited that it was just around the corner so I delayed my trip by a week and decided to stay back on especially to attend this exhibition. 

     It was to be held in the Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon from the 28th to 30th March. I pre-registered for the event and got a registration number which I needed to get my name card/entry pass at the venue. I checked their website for list of exhibitors and got very disappointed when I saw some of the names rather all the names. None of them were familiar to me at all and I was left wondering about the quality and nature of it all. But I decided to still go ahead and at least take a look once. Boy am I glad I did šŸ™‚
     There were exhibitors mainly from European nations and some from America, Jordan and Asia as well. Primarily they all were looking to enter the Indian market and some were using it as a stepping stone in Asia. Their main objective was to find distributors for their products in our country. Very sweet and nice people, I got to meet so many of them and was greeted very warmly when I told them I blog. All of them were very generous and gave me samples of their products to try where some even handed me full sized ones. I offered to pay for it all but they declined. Some products I did purchase though and for a lot many I was asked to come on the last day to make my purchase since they were carrying limited number of pieces. 

     There were some really exciting brands that I came across and I will be putting up individual posts for them like a mini series linked to this one. Some of the exhibitors that I will be talking about are – Belinda (Poland), Alqvimia (Spain), Maa Disha (New York), Davis (India), Pandhy’s (Hungary), Elisha Coy (Korea), Solyvia (France), Clear Essence (USA), Kosmik (India), Beauty Secrets (Jordan), Soskin (France), Flora Naturals (India) and Atlantic Grupa (Croatia). Some of the other companies that I really liked but unable to get any products to try out were Krauter Naturals (Germany/India), Guill D’Or and Oudh Al Anfar (Dubai), I will be doing a combined post for these. I’m so looking forward to seeing their presence in our country. Hope we will get to explore some really amazing products in the very near future. 
     Apart from all this there were a couple of workshops conducted each day where exhibitors were giving live demos of their products. I was not able to catch any of these as I was sort of pressed for time and mainly coz most of these were from the people catering to the nail industry. Since it was not particularly my area of interest I gave these a pass. 

     A great place to network and discover new products not to mention a chance to see all the gorgeous European men (oh mama!) :P. Ahem – let’s go back to being professional šŸ˜‰ Loved the warmth and generosity shown by them. Have a huge bunch of goodies collected and I’m stumped. Don’t know from where to begin…..But nonetheless I will dive into these beauties one by one and give you my views on them the best I can. Hopefully it will set the stage for you when these will finally be available in our country or if you like anything then you could always pick these on your next trip abroad. 

     So keep watching this space for more info on the different brands I mentioned and the products that I will exploring from each. See ya all around! Peace šŸ™‚