Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit

Shikha Says:

     I first came across this brand on one of the Indian online shopping sites. I saw this product there and really wanted to try it out. I have been searching for a good place in Kolkata to get a Wine facial but have not found one yet. Since I heard so much regarding the benefits of this facial I have been on a constant look out. Now to be very honest I was quite skeptical about this product. I have tried some facials kits and so far have not been impressed by the results. When I saw this I kinda didnt jump on it immediately as I was like another “herbal” brand another facial kit claiming to be the genuine article. Humph!
     Well Fashion and You was having a sale on this range and I gave it a go. I paid Rs. 480/- for it there (Price is Rs. 680/- ). This is a surprising large set. It contains 6 different products which according to company should last you for 5-6 facials. My kit was missing the instructions sheet so I searched online and found one. Bottom line being you need to work each product for about 15 minutes into your skin. With 6 products that is quite a lot :p. Well I created my own cheat sheet – instead of massaging the different gels for 15 minutes each I just massaged it in for a few minutes and left it on my skin for the remainder of the time and then wiped it off. Some of the products could trigger a slight burning sensation so those of you with sensitive skin test them out before going gung-ho. I will keep the results with me for the time being while I introduce each product from the kit to you.

Step 1 – Nano Lipid Serum:

     “Prepared from nano lipids, this one of a kind serum has cleansing and strengthening properties. Helps in improving capillary circulation.” Active Ingredients – Fermented Wheat, Glycerin, Khus water, Wheat Germ Extract.

Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit

     Lol big name for a product which is essentially a cleanser. Any-hoo this is jelly like in consistency and though they ask you to take a huge amount and rub into your skin for lather which I doubt this product will. I take a little amount and rub in my skin for about 5 mins (they recommend 15 – so if you have that kind of patience then go for it) and wash it off. It has this peachy pink color and smells like grapes. It does not leave your skin feeling dry or stretchy.

Step 2 – Poly Plant Detox Scrub:

     “Removes toxin from the upper most layer. Purifies skin while at the same time relieving other elimination organs from the strain of a body overloaded with toxins. A skin detox cleanse will result in smoother, glowing skin as well as reduction in fine lines and age spots.” Active Ingredients – not mentioned.

Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit

     The scrub has a slightly coarse texture so you need to be careful with it. They recommend diluting it in rose water or water before using it and massaging into the skin for 5-10 mins. What I did was that I wet my face and then applied the product on my skin taking a little at a time and massaging it in till I had a fine layer on. They say that could cause a mild burning sensation but I did not face such an issue. I then washed it off after scrubbing gently for 5 mins.
Step 3 – Anti Oxidation Gel:
     “Flavonoids can play an efficient role as anti-oxidizing agents and free radical scavengers. Their anti oxidant properties enable them to influence deeper epidermal skin layers preventing UV radiation damage and inhibiting some enzyme functions which may cause skin to age.” Active Ingredients – not mentioned.
Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit

     This product is a thick gel like consistency so in actual you need a little quantity of it for massaging it on your face. After washing off the scrub I wipe my face dry and take a little of this gel and massage it on my skin for 5 minutes. The texture and water content is good enough for you to massage into your skin easily and for some time. Usually a lot of the massage products gets instantly absorbed into your skin there by causing you to take more of it. But for 5 mins of massage you don’t need a lot. I leave it on my skin for another 10 and then wash it off with water. The gel gets absorbed into your skin and when you wash it off you don’t feel as much product come off as you had put on. Leaves your skin feeling soft.
Step 4 – Multi Vitamin Gel:
     “Contains a combination of vitamins which also serve as antioxidants among them vitamins A, C and E where their combination improves even more the antioxidant action and slows down the aging process.” Active Ingredients – Carbopol (I searched for this and found that it a thickening agent and helps to emulsify oil-water solutions. Basically it is the chemical that has been used to give this product the gel like consistency), Nano Regent Plus (this I could not find – what is it supposed to mean?), Lipid Multi Vitamin.
Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit
     Ok may I say that they have listed some strange ingredients?!? Anyways moving on. This product is gel like but it is more of a cream based gel than a water based one like the previous product was. This gets instantly absorbed into your skin which will have you reaching for more of it. But a quick solution or rather an alternate solution is to wet your fingers and then continue to massage into your skin. This is a trick which is often used by beauty parlors. Again I just massage it in till it allows me to and then leave it on for the remainder of the 15 mins and wash off with water. I did notice a slight shine in my skin after using this.
Step 5 – Soya Protein Cream:
     “Tannin’s and Cetostearly Alcohol reduce “Bad Cholesterol Levels”. Hence aiding in a more toned and elastic skin texture. The skin becomes pristine and clear.” Active Ingredients – Soya, Purich, Avocado Oil. 
Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit
     This has a thick consistency but gets absorbed into the skin very fast. So if you end up using it for 15 mins then you would more of the product as the wet finger trick will take you only so far with this. Honestly the consistency is not very massage friendly if you take a little of the product. In the end I wipe it off with a wet towel as I wanted some of the product to remain on my skin. 
Step 6 – Sparkle Grape Pack:
     “Derived from crushed grapes skin this pack works wonders in keeping the skin young for a substantial period of time. It also protects from UV radiation, inflammatory and bacterial disorders.” Active Ingredients – Fermented Starch, Xanthan Gum, Winter Green Oil.
Aurita Herbals Vino Therapy Facial Kit
     This is thick in consistency and you need to dilute it with rose water or water before using it. I just wet my face and applied it until I got a thin layer of the product all over my face. I left it on for more than 15 mins on my skin till I felt it completely dry. I did face the mild burning sensation with this product but it lasts for a few mins. Don’t be fooled by the name it does not contain any sparkle or glitter particles as some of the other products that promise a “glow” for your skin and then leave all these mica/sparkle particles on your skin to fake the glow. After washing this off my skin felt slightly tight and pore size looked reduced. 
     Just after you finish all the steps you wont see much of a glow on your skin but after a few hours you will get a soft glow. And after almost a day you have a really nice glow to your skin. These were the results that I noticed after just one application. Finally after going through different kits from 2-3 brands I found one that I like! I cant comment right now if it helps in anti aging or improving blood circulation etc but yes it does provides the promised radiance and my skin did feel better in texture. The glow lasts for some time. 
     This kit has definitively given me confidence in this brand I am looking forward to trying out more products that have on offer. Until next time Divas! Peace! (Or World Peace for you aspiring beauty queens šŸ˜€ – sorry was watching Miss Congeniality while writing this post).
Would you purchase it again? – I think I would. Plus now I want to try other products from the brand.
Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yup!