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     So I have been a very naughty girl and played complete hooky with my blog….went out to Mumbai for a couple of days plus just had 17 articles up that month and couple of them were press release….sigh….so-not-good šŸ˜› So you can imagine I had a dismal amount of favorites lined up for you. But then I thought what the heck. What good is all that hauling that I did from Mumbai?!? So those beauties join the rank too and though I have a number of makeup items I have not included those here since I have not reviewed them for you yet. Just some clothes and accessories for now. 


MAC Temperature Rising Ripe for Love Blush – This collection of MAC got in so many amazing pieces that were totally me. I know some people get turned off by glitter but if done right it looks gorgeous and glamorous. This blush does not have any shimmer in it though but is a beautiful coral shade that is just right for the Indian tone and looks so pretty. Completely in love with it. The pigmentation, the texture and the packing….all make this worth getting. If by some form of luck you do come across this then just pick it up. I can guarantee that you wont regret it. You can read the full review for it HERE.
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Eliza Donatello Jacket – I like this brand which is available in Shoppers Stop. You can find some real classy pieces with them and some great formal wear. The best part about shopping in Mumbai for clothes is that not only will you get the latest designs and patterns but you will find your size. This same stuff I’m sure I will see in Kolkata like at least 3 months from now and Im sure my size wont be there. I don’t remember the exact price but it was quite reasonable. The material looks like soft denim but is not really so. What I love about it is the ruched sleeves that it has. And it is quite light…not meant for the heat for summers but perfect for rainy season.
Lakme Gloss Stylist in Coral Sunset – Ok I was amazed by this one coz it was nothing like what I expected. Usually with the Indian “drugstore” brands ones tends to be a snobby with. I got this to try a new product in the market and to be able to talk about a drugstore brand. What I got was a product exactly like the famous Rimmel Apocolips minus the problems with it ie the smell and the feathering. Though I admit this is a little pricey but it is worth having. Great pigmentation and very nice texture. Check out the full review for it HERE
Forever 21 Accessories – I was turned off when I entered the Forever 21 store in Mumbai. I had such high hopes….but when I got there I was completely dejected. The cuts and patterns could only be carried off by someone who is thin and not to mention they don’t carry a size over large and it is no where near my size. Each step in the store made me feel lower until I hit the accessories section!!! OMG! Now that is what I’m talking about! Such pretty shoes…..and the jewelry…..honestly I had a tough time choosing a “few” pieces coz I just wanted to bring them all. Unique designs and just simply fab! 2 thumbs up to them for that šŸ™‚
MAC Temperature Rising Lipglasses – Oh mama! These are just so pretty. I love their color and the shimmer in them. They look great paired with any lipstick and just up the oomph factor. Love the packing, the shimmer….just love em. These are not for everyone though especially people who don’t like lipgloss. But live a little and try one…..I dare ya šŸ˜‰ To read the full review and see some more pics/swatches for these go HERE
Shoes – I love shoes! All shapes and sizes….I have a freakin pile going on in my room and it keeps getting bigger. Honestly I need more space now to keep my babies. My mom just does not know what to do with me and my pile. She keeps asking me when and where will I ever wear them šŸ˜› Any hoo….shoe shopping is another must for me when I go to Mumbai. I picked up 2 from Tresmode – the blue/green pumps and the patent leather nudes. Tresmode shoes are so funky as they come in these bright beautiful colors. I have this neon green pair which look so fab and I always get compliments on those. The nude suede ones that you can see are from Forever 21 and were quite reasonable. Do make it a point to check out Tresmode though if you like shoes. I wish they open a store in Kolkata soon. Cant wait for that day! Shhhhh…..don’t tell my mum šŸ™‚
      And that wraps the favs for the month gone. Hope to get reviews out this month with military precision and that would mean a bigger favs list for the coming month….and hopefully some empties as well. Not doing an empties post this month as I just have 3 bottles to show and that will look plain weird…next month there should be 5-6 of them which is a decent number I guess. So how did you like my list? Where any of these your favs for the month? Waiting to hear from ya……catch you later. Ciao!