Toni and guy salon kolkata


Toni & guy salon kolkata

Couple Spa room with Jacuzzi


Toni & Guy Salon, Kolkata


Sometimes getting through the week can make one feel like they have fought a battle and half! The weekend just flows by in the blink of the eye and before you can charge your battery and dust your battle gear you get thrown in the turmoil all over again. Sigh! At times like these a girl needs some TLC before she can put on her cape again and face the world. Nothing refreshes me better than a good spa date…a relaxing body massage thrown in with a facial and mani pedi charges me up like nothing else. Toni & Guy salon came to Kolkata sometime last year and I got a really pretty hair makeover from them. They are expanding on a huge scale including spa services into their mix. They already have special rooms for bridal services, mani-pedi and even private rooms where you can get whatever you want in your own personal space. They even bought Nioxin to Kolkata along with Label M.


Toni & guy salon kolkata

Couple spa room with partition


Spending long hours sitting at a desk working on the computer makes my shoulders stiff and leaves me with a perpetual pain near the shoulder blades. A good massage helps to work out the kinks and leaves me feeling relaxed. I decided to try out their spa services since I was quite happy with the results I got the last time around. The shoulder and back massage sounded just like what my body was crying for so I took the 40 mins service with oil. You can even opt for a dry massage if you do not like to get an oil massage done or even if you tend to break out cause of it. I was directed to a twin room which is actually a couple massage room complete with a shower cubicle and a jacuzzi! After ensuring that I was comfortable the masseuse started from my shoulders…now I have gotten a massage many times in the past so from fingers to all angles of the palm to fists and even elbows have been used on me but I think this is the first time I was massaged with forearms!


Toni & guy salon kolkata

Foot Massage Zone


Toni & guy salon kolkata

The Finishing Touch – Cuppa of Warm Green Tea


She even got on top of the massage table later on and did the same on my lower back. All the pain and kinks were literally getting rolled out of me which made me feel happy but kinda guilty too thinking about the effort she put in with a yoga like pose. There was the mandatory “fat flattening” as I like to call it…did it go anywhere…no! Sigh šŸ™ But jokes apart the massage left me feeling fresh rather than relaxed. You know how some make you sleepy while others coz you to walk out with a spring in your step. Ya so this was the latter one. My session ended with a warm cup of green tea…bliss! I find their rates pretty decent for the spa services like this particular 40 mins session will set you back Rs. 700/- They have something called the Candle Body Spa Ritual which has a lot of types in it and something I might try out next. Overall I really like the fact that I can enter Toni & Guy and get all the beauty services that I want in one place. Makes life so much easier šŸ™‚ Do let me know if you guys have tried them out yet or if you plan to check them out. I will see you soon! See ya!




PS – The author was invited by the salon to try out the service. Views expressed are genuine and the author’s own.