What an amazing week I got to witness in February! From attending a blogger event in Kolkata to flying down to Pune to visit a fabulous vineyard in Baramati to come back and attend the Bengal Fashion Week. Filled with excitement and new experiences 2014 has kicked off to a very good start and one can only hope that it gets better with each passing month! Thanks to the wonderful team at The Body Shop India I got to attend a fashion show for the first time in my life. I did attend a press meet for one in Mumbai but could not attend the actually event. But it was great to go to one on my home turf. Body shop was the official makeup partner for the event.

Me with Dolon and Nivedita


     We were called in to see the Jatitnn Kochhar’s show primarily and were asked to come in around 7:30 pm. I got to meet Aanchal who is the PR of the brand there. We apparently are long lost twins šŸ˜€ Seriously we do look so much alike…She was super sweet and we gelled instantly. I was introduced to Shikhee Agarwal (lol imagine that….from a face twin to a name twin :P) who is the makeup expert and designed the looks for the different shows. I sat down to wait for my compadares and soon was joined by with a bunch of em. We were so excited to attend the show and were looking forward to it.
     The show started with local designer duo called Monapali who showcased some sarees inspired by the current political scene in the country. Very simple prints, looks and materials were used. There was a saree with an elephant print on it which had the track “Haathi mere saathi” accompanying it while the model walked the ramp (!!!!) and the last in the line up had a jhadu print on the pallu with some pieces of a broom stick protruding out of the model’s bun (le sigh!). Sorry but it was not my scene at all…
     Next came in some excitement as Mumbai designer AD Singh showcased his collection. His show started with a bang as a model came out dressed in this oh-so-gorgeous white anarkali with glittering work around the neck. She did some beautiful khathak to the beats of Michael Jackson’s (all hail the king!) Smooth Criminal. Honestly the performance was so neat! Then as the music changed she twirled around to show off the gorgeous outfit. One after the other some lovely pieces with amazing work done with Sarvaoski crystals came down the ramp. I was totally captured as they were my kind of clothes. Striking work done on fine material….the patterns caught and glittered in the light like real jewels! Reshami Ghosh was the show stopper for him and she came out in a beautiful pink lehenga with a corset top.
     There was a break in the middle and we were ushered backstage to catch all the madness and chaos. The Body Shop artists were doing the makeup and a crew from AN John was tackling the hair. Seriously the work was fast paced and temperatures were running high. Mini cat fights were breaking all around and I was quite uncomfortable to be there šŸ˜› The models for the Jattinn and Rocky S show were being prepped. While Jattinn’s show had them with their hair up in an updo, bright blue gracing the eyes and a sultry shade of red on the lips….Rocky’s models had big teased hair with dark smokey eyes and nude lips. I loved how the smokey eyes looked….very different than usual and very sultry.

     We then walked out and took our seats….in a few moments Jattinn’s show came on. The theme was “Me and I” and featured a monochromatic palette. The models sashayed on the ramp in shades of white, black and grey…They were accompanied with male models and some of them were built and so fine šŸ˜‰ The collection had a very relaxed and had a modern feel to it. I liked that the materials looked so comfortable and flowy in certain cases. Quite a wearable collection! The show stopper was Meera Chopra (Priyanka Chopra’s cousin and a new entrant to the industry).  She wore a black sari with a skimpy bedazzled bikini top. 

     It was getting late but me, Dolon and Bidisha wanted to see the Rocky S collection so we stayed back while our friends left. He presented his resort wear collection and my what opulence! The models walked down the ramp in kaftan tops and slip on’s mainly but each piece dazzled more than the next. Totally for a diva who wants to stand out and make a style statement! I really loved this beautiful piece in a lovely grey shade. The temperature was set on fire with each passing ensemble and the hall was packed to witness it. Koel Mullick a popular face in Bengali cinema was the show stopper looking gorgeous in a glittering gold dress.

     Ahh! What a day! We stumbled out of the place all tired, thirsty but extremely happy šŸ˜€ You cant even begin to imagine all the chaos and hard work that goes into a single show. On the ramp things are so organized and happen so fast but backstage is a complete turmoil. Models at their tempers end back there transform completely on the ramp with a smile in their steps and a sway on their hips. Lol! Great to see. Oh And we got some great goodies from the brand…They we generously gave us a 2 of the color crush eyeshadows, one lipstick and their recently launched Chamomile makeup remover. I will be reviewing these babies soon. Thank you so much Aanchal, Shikhee and Lavli for the invite! You guys rocked it and it was such a wonderful thing to see. Cheers!