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How I apply my foundation - Pic Tutorial


     Hello my lovelies! After the tremendous response to the contouring tutorial and on the suggestions of my friend I'm here with another tutorial for you. This is again a very basic thing and a step-by-step guide for you. I'm not saying that this is the best way to do it or THE way but this is one of the ways that it can be done. I will bring in tutorials showing alternative techniques for it and then you can best be the judge as to which way/finish you prefer. 

Products used in this tutorial. Click pic to enlarge

     This forms the basis of the contouring in the sense that we first use a little of our foundation to contour our face and then take it to the next level with the contouring powder and blush. So we just need 2 items for this - a foundation (using my present fav Revlon Whipped Foundation in the color Warm Golden) and a stippling brush (using Inglot 27TG). Now the way that I'm going to show you is not the right way to use a stippling brush ie this is not how it is actually meant to be used but this is the most common way that everyone uses it. I will do a separate tutorial for that. Let's move on.

High points of the face where the foundation will be placed. Click on pic to enlarge

Applying foundation to the cheeks. Click on pic to enlarge

     I start of with my cheeks. Taking a little of the foundation on the brush I tap it on to the high point of my cheek area. The idea behind this is that since this the area which needs to be highlighted during contouring we start by adding the product here. By doing this we are naturally creating a "lighted" area. Now taking the brush we will sweep the color towards the outer parts of our face in the direction shown. If more color is needed then add it to the high point and from there sweep it to where it is required. Sounds tedious I know but the idea behind it is keep the main focus on the high point and create a gradient like effect for the lower planes. 

Applying foundation to the chin and upper lip. Click on pic to enlarge

Applying foundation on the nose. Click pic to enlarge

     Next we come to the chin. Again place the foundation in the center and sweep it out to the sides. Use what is present on the brush to cover your upper lip area as well. Next dab some foundation on the bridge of your nose and sweep it down and to the sides. Try and cover the sides of your nose with your finger if you feel that the brush didn't do the job.

Applying foundation to the forehead. Click pic to enlarge 

     Now we will do the forehead. dab some color in the center and again brush it out towards your hairline and to the sides. Once we have covered our entire face with the product we can take a buffing brush or the same stippling brush and with circular movements buff down all around the face once to smoothen things out.

Buff it all out. Click pic to enlarge
Finished! Click pic to enlarge

     And viola! We are done. Now you can apply your concealer as needed and finish the face with the contouring steps I showed you earlier (check that tutorial out HERE). A basic and simple way to do your foundation.There are many ways to do this and you need to find what fits best for you depending on the look and coverage that each method gives you. Remember practice makes perfect and don't be afraid to experiment.

Before and After foundation application. Click pic to enlarge
Complete face makeup
     Hope you guys liked this tutorial and will be trying it out for yourself. As usual your suggestions and feedback are more then welcome. Do get back to me and let me know what other kinds of tuts you would like me to do. Till next time - Bye!

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