Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette Peach - Swatch and Review


Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette Peach

     I recently across this Revlon product on an Indian shopping site (Purple I think). Since the photo-ready range is quite talked about I found this product quite intriguing. The concept of it is very good as you don't need to carry 3 separate products with you to do the work. In one small palette you are good to go. I bought this one with high expectations.

     First lets talk about a little basics about contouring. Contouring is a process by which applying dark and light colors strategically on certain areas of your face help you to achieve a more slimmer and toned look. Using a darker color than you skin tone in this case a bronzer you can hide the heavier areas of your face and create an illusion of angles and planes. The lighter color emphasizes certain aspects thereby adding to the illusion. So what if you don't have the enviable model like cheeks with a little artistry you can totally fake em....

Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette Peach

     Revlon PhotoReady sculpting blush is supposed to be your one stop solution for this. A rectangle black plastic pack contains 3 complimentary shades along with a small brush and s sleek mirror. The size and shape of the palette makes this piece easy to tout around in your purse. Ok coming to the realities of the product. The brush is so so and can be very time consuming because it is so small if you want to contour your entire face properly. The mirror is quite small and it seems that they fit it in just for the heck of it. The size is more suited for doing eye makeup rather than applying something on your cheeks. In case you are wondering where that gem is hidden it is on the cover right above the brush and almost the size of the brush compartment.

Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette Peach

     The texture of the product is quite smooth but the pigmentation is absolutely horrible! The highlighter shade which is actually supposed to be the lightest color is the most pigmented in this bunch. The bronzer and the blush don't show up at all and what is funny is that the bronzer shade the supposedly darkest color in this bunch does not show up but the blush does slightly in comparison  And I went to town on it rubbing my finger continuously to at least pick up some color but to no avail. Sigh such a huge disappointment. I don't know what they were thinking with this. Such a nice idea but absolutely miserable execution. Price is Rs. 900/-.

Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette Peach swatch

     I never write a product off you know. I give it fair chance and even if it didn't work for me I do mention if I feel it will work for anyone else. But I just could not do so with this one. Such a waste of money :P. So please steer clear of it....And if it still intrigues you at any level then do swatch it properly at the counter and if you find a good piece I'm all ears :) So that wraps this up....Stay beautiful.....Ciao!

Would you purchase Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette Peach again? - Not unless I hear that they have changed the formulation.

Would you recommend Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette Peach to your friend? - Absolutely not!

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