Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer for Normal/Dry Skin - Review


Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer

Shikha Says:

     Hello ladies. I bet all of us have had some bad or painful experience with hair removal at some point in our lives. Ugh! I really don't like waxing and I'm quite sensitive to it. The pain, the heat......I almost always end up breaking out into rash after a session plus the time that you have to take out for it. Honestly I prefer shaving. I was going through some vids way back and they covered some really interesting products that are available from the house of Veet abroad. When I saw Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer on an Indian shopping site (either Purple or MedPlus Beauty - I think) I didn't hesitate to pick it up.

     "Girls wouldn't it be great if that ‘just-shaved’ smoothness lasted longer so you could shave less often. New Veet® Hair Minimizing Moisturizer, used daily, noticeably slow down the appearance of hair re-growth & so stubble is less noticeable. Veet® Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer with ProMinimise, to effectively hydrate your skin up to 24 hours, leaving your skin feeling smoother for longer."

     They only had the 90 ml bottle available. It is a shiny ivory color bottle with a pretty pink flip cap. The product is thicker in texture than a regular moisturizer and smells so nice. It has this coconut smell with a hint of floral to it. Normally I don't like coconut smelling lotions but this one appealed to me. 

Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer

     Coming down to the basics. Honestly I was not accepting much. I was like heck if it offers proper moisturization I'm game. I did not feel that I would see much result with it in the hair minimizing dept. First the moisturization part - when I got this it was really cold down here. My skin felt dry and let me not even go to how my elbows were doin.....But this one was real good. It provided proper moisturization and I didn't have the need to keep reaching for it multiple times in the day. I would just use it once a day. Plus it helped to soften and improve the texture of my elbows. So thumbs up to that. 

Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer
This is the amount of product that I use presently to cover my arms from my wrist to my elbow
     Now the minimizing. I will admit that I was slack in the shaving dept that time (damn it was real cold ok). My feet were frozen inside my thermal socks! Any hoo I was applying this product and I happened to notice that  my hair was looking thinner. I didn't give it much props then thinking maybe I'm feeling like that. Then I did make the effort to shave and went on with the experiment. Whad do ya know??? Usually within a day or so I can see some growth ie slightly noticeable growth and by the end of the week it becomes almost full grown. Yea the hair on the body grows that fast but the scalp.....Sigh.

     Now after slightly more than a week of shaving I'm noticing growth that I would probably see on the next day of shaving. And this is like after shaving. Imagine the result if you use a method of epilation. Personally I'm very happy with the result. It is made for a lazy person like me. Btw I just tested it on my arms. I paid Rs. 85/- for 90 ml of product. A little product goes a long way.


Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer

Pros of Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer:
  • A good moisturizer.
  • Helped repair my dry elbows. 
  • Did thin the existing hair on my arms
  • Did delay the appearance of the stubble.

Cons of Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer:
  • Ease of availability
  • For some price might be an issue. But since it will save you the time I think it makes up for it.

Would you purchase Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer again? - Yes I would.

Would you recommend Veet Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer to your friend? - Yes!

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