Sorelle Grapevine presents - Be My Valentine! Makeup Contest (Rules Changed) CLOSED


     In light of recent events where pictures are getting stolen by strangers and being used inappropriately as well as concern voiced to us by our followers, we have decided to change the rules of our ongoing makeup contest. Your safety and privacy is our utmost concern and as women we dont want to see anything untoward happening to any of you. Better to be safe than sorry coz as we know there is no end to the amount of weirdos out there. 

     So now you have to do only an eye makeup look with the valentine date theme. The contest date has been extended and it will now end on the 10th of March 2013. Head on down to the contest rules shown below and take a look them again. 

     So come one and all and participate in the contest and you can score some lovely prizes from Inglot. Best of luck!

     Valentine's is just around the corner. The goods have already flooded the market. Ahh the feel good mushiness that this month brings in. The beating of heart, the sighing, the wishing, the waiting......Nothing beats the anticipation and finally the joy (or sometimes the disappointment) this day can create. Make or break time for a lot of! 

     So to usher this eagerly anticipated day we at Sorelle Grapevine want to celebrate it with a bang by bringing in an awesome makeup contest with gorgeous prizes from Inglot. Before we go into the details about the contest lets take a look into the prizes - a Freedom system 4 square refill palette with eyeshadows DS 504, DS 611, DS 491 and AMC 60 in it plus lipstick 140 to go with it. 

     I hope you guys liked the colors I picked. I spent an hour in the Inglot store swatching all the shades just to find the right combination for you guys. I know all the colors are shimmery but the matte shades I picked were out-of-stock. I personally liked the lipstick shade and felt it was a close match for the one worn in the song "Tu mera hero" from the movie Desi Boyz that a lot of girls were ga-ga about.

None of the pics of the swatches belong to this blog. I picked them off the internet to show you the prize that you all will be getting. If anyone has any objection just shoot me a mail.
     Lets get down to the basics as to what you need to do to win these goodies:

1. You need to create a full face wearable eye makeup look. How you intend to look for your Valentine date this year. So it is the works - the eye, face, lips and cheek makeup. If any doubt then please clarify.

2. I need 3 clear pics - one of the eyes, one full face and one of the lips one closeup with eye open, closeup with eye closed and another eye closeup with angle of your choice. Please send in the best pics that you can as it will help people vote for you. Make sure the lighting is adequate so that the colors don't look washed out. Needless to say the eye and lip pic needs to be a close up. 

3. The look could be meant either for the morning or evening. Please mention when you send over the pics. 

4. And do send over a complete list of the products used listing them separately ie Face, Eyes, Lips, Cheek. I mean the exact products used with the brand name and color name/number (just in case this fact was unclear).

     Send in your entry to You can do the makeup on yourself or can use a model for it. I feel silly even mentioning this but please actually "do" the makeup and not send in one of those generated images (trust me I have faced this). Please make sure you send in original entries and not ones that have been used before. The pics sent in will become properties of the blog and cannot be used again without our permission. 

     And apart from these you MUST satisfy the following conditions to make your entry valid:

1. Follow the blog using GFC publicaly.
2. Follow the blog using Networked Blog.
3. Follow the Sorelle Grapevine FB page. Subscribe to blog via email. You can find the box in the right hand  side bar. Send in the email id from which you have subscribed to the blog.

     Please remember that you must satisfy all criteria mentioned before your entry is considered valid and is published on the blog. For that make sure to send in your GFC id and FB id along with the pics. The contest will run till the 28th of Feb 10th of March 2013. It is open only for 18+ Indian Residents. There will be only one winner and the contestant with the most votes will win. You can send in more than one entry and each entry will be treated as an individual one. 

     So how do you win the contest exactly? Once your entry is validated and put up on the blog people can vote for you. We don't have fancy sidebar things happening so we will keep it simple. Voters just have to leave their comments in the comment section below showing their support for your look (comments made by anonymous people are not published on the blog so keep that in mind). They can also go to the Sorelle Grapevine FB page and vote by "liking" (no the comments will not get counted for votes here) for your look. So we will spread the word on our behalf but you need to ask to friends to vote for you as well to increase your chances of winning. Oh yea if you have your own blog you can publish the pic over there but it needs to have the watermark "".

     Simple enough?? If you need any clarifications please feel free to leave your questions in the comments below. Best of luck to all!! Get cracking and create that perfect Valentine's date look now!!

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