Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Purely Naked - Swatch and Review


Shikha Says:

     My purpose in picking this shade was to find something neutral that I could use for blending. And let me just say it fit the bill perfectly. For me this matches my skin tone to the T on my eyelids. The color is a nude shade with some shimmer in it. The texture is very smooth. 

     The shimmer present is very minute in size and cant be made out once on. I used it to blend out the harsh line of the black shadow that I was using while practicing a look and it looked very nice and properly blended out giving it a soft look. I must say that Im liking this brand quite a bit and the quality of the products that I have tried so far is really good. It costed me $5.99 (approx Rs.  330/-) for 1.8 gms of product. 

The color is just on my lids without any primer on

Would you purchase it again? - Yes I would. As well as more stuff from the brand. BTW they have Z palettes as well and it is priced quite cheap.

Would you recommend it to your friend? - Yes.

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