MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick - Swatch and Review


Shikha Says:

     Well the pic above is a testament to the fact of how much I love this lippy and how often I use it! It is my absolute go-to color for everyday wear. Its a nudey peach color with very subtle gold shimmer and shine to it. The gold shimmer is not noticeable at all in an OTT kinda way but rather adds to the shine of the look. It is in Lustre finish and has a lovely vanilla smell. I kinda felt that maybe it is very similar to Syrup but it is not. Syrup is pink and does not have the gold shimmer. I will probably end up buying it again once I'm done with it. Personally I feel that it works well for daytime, whether you are out shopping or chilling with your friends.

Single sweep (L)

Viva Glam V (L) in comparison with Syrup (R)
Would you buy it again? - Yes!

Would you recommend it to your friend? - Yes. But since it is a Lustre finish - lip swatch first people ;) 

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