Attention to all – Those of you who will not satisfy the mandatory requirements as mentioned in the Rafflecopter form will have their remaining entries disqualified as well. Please follow the rules coz I am verifying your entries individually. Please satisfy the conditions that you are checking on in the form. 
Following people need to join the blog using Google Friend Connect to qualify their entries – Vaishali Jain, Tanmayee Dev, Rhythm Bhatia, Dhanya Aishwarya P, Srinjla, 
Following people have been removed from the contest for posting bogus entries – Kamakshi Rajput, Sadia Kh, 
     I have changed the mandatory conditions down to 2. Those of you with previous entries who have posted blog comments have that as an additional point to their name. Remember collect as many points as you can to maximize your chances of winning. Thanks. Best of luck!


Shikha Says:


     Well divas I’m happy to announce Sorelle Grapevine’s 1st giveaway! Yea! Thank you for your lovely comments and support for all the work that goes into the blog. It is really encouraging and heart warming. We really appreciate it!
     And now for the most important part – the prizes. There will be one winner and the lucky person will get 3 products from my presently raved about brand – Coastal Scents. The winner will get a Go Beijing Palette containing 12 beautiful eyeshadows, Smacks lipgloss in Pucker and a Coats nail paint in French Vanilla.
     As mentioned earlier this giveaway is open only for Indian residents and for participants who are 18+ years of age. Please stick to the basic rules. If anyone is found posting bogus entries or flaunting the rules you will be bared from this as well as all future giveaways held by this blog. This will run from the 16th of May to the 30th of May. I will announce the winner within 10 days of the closing of the giveaway.
     And now for some more images of the products that make up the prize before I will put in the Rafflecopter form by which you will participate in the giveaway. Winner will be selected at random from the people who collect the maximum amount of points. Best of luck to all!.

Go Beijing Palette swatches