Sorry for being late with this one. I know I was supposed to post this yesterday but I had a day out with my girls and didn’t have the enthu to put this up later on. I really didn’t know how to approach this one. Should I talk about my most watched ones or the ones that meant a lot or….I mean how do you approach this as there are zillions of movies that one watches and they all touch you in some way or the other….Plus with my short term memory I have forgotten some of the really good ones that I have seen. Sigh! But let me just put in a mix out there for you…the ones I remember. All of them don’t have significant meaning for me that has impacted my choice. Here goes…

Lord of the Rings – Return of the King

     This is my cult movie. I have seen this part so many times and read the entire (ie all 3 parts) book many times more. I love the story…Have you ever read this book? No? Really? What are you waiting for??? This author is beyond words…the world that he builds and the journey he takes you through is unparalleled. It will make you cry and whoop in joy. It will fill you with despair and then take your heart on a flight on the wings of joy. And I love the director of this series so very much. This is the only movie series that I have come across that is true to the book 100%. There have been no “creative” adjustments to it.

     As a reader you get cheated when some of your favorite moments or scenes or facts of a book you love get modifies on someone’s whims. Even Harry Potter was altered so much….But this one does not at all. The scenes which are the most important find their way in the manner they were written. Doing full justice to the memory of a great author and his exceptional work. Truly! You must read the book and then watch the movies. You will not be disappointed one bit rather will be very grateful that you were introduced to such a beautiful world.

White Chicks/Beauty Shop

     This is a complete 180 from the movie above. I have seen it so many times šŸ˜€ Love it to pieces! The “black” sense of humor just tickles my funny bone and 2 African American dudes dressing up as ditzy girls beats everything. It can get gross in some scenes but it is a laugh riot. I especially love the dance off in the club. If you like this genre then you much see this one sometime.

     I admit I’m cheating a bit but in my defense they belong to the same genre so there….I have seen this one a bazillion times too and I love Queen Latifa movies….her sense of humor has me in splits and the movies have a feel-good aura around them. Definitely a must watch for a little pick me up.

Legally Blonde/ Miss Congeniality

     I love how she breaks the mold and does more than what everyone expects of her. Does not mean that if you are a ditzy blonde and into fashion and all things pink that you cant have a kick a$$ brain. And this is a stigma us beauty bloggers have to face a lot. Just coz we gush over a shade of lipstick we are tagged as having minuscule amount of IQ šŸ˜› Really?!? Does anyone bother that the woman could be a Doctor or Engineer or an IT whiz or a Finance genius?!? Any-hoo I love how she leaves every behind in her trail of pink glitter and excels in what she sets her heart to.

     This is another one where the woman does the unexpected. I’m a big fan of Sandra Bullock movies and her sense of comic timing. From a complete tom boy to a Miss America contestant this one tells a story about a woman gaining confidence and self-belief. Now what is not to like about that. Throw in SB in the main lead and you got yourself a winner!

     So many other movies have been wanting to make it to this list that they deserve an honorable mention – X-Men, Godfather, Dil Chahata Hai, Harry Potter, Journey to the center of the earth, Tooth fairy, The proposal, Iron man, Avengers, etc etc. Really not possible to choose just 3 movies that have some meaning to you. I swear I will be hyper ventilating and cheating big time when I have to select the books šŸ˜€ So will see you next week with 4 books. Btw are any of these your favorite? Do let me know what you think of my selection. See ya soon!